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Digital Marketing

Domino’s Pizza

We develop an effective social media presence for 48 local Domino’s Pizza locations along with creative engagement to increase the communication and awareness of each Domino’s Pizza store within their own specific market and community.

The Challenge: These locations had no prior social media presence.

Social Development:

  • Launched 48 Domino’s Pizza fan pages

  • Launched four Twitter pages (one for each market)

  • Unlocked all 48 locations on Foursquare

  • Unlocked all 48 locations on Yelp

  • Claimed all 48 locations on Google Places

  • Built custom campaign microsite

* The purpose of the efforts was to engage with consumers on platforms that they frequent the most.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Billboard

  • Direct mail

  • Radio advertising on-air and online

  • Buzz badges — custom in-store social awareness

  • Fliers


Both social and traditional marketing components had detailed connections that drove consumers directly to a store. We did not want to lose anyone at any point during the execution of the campaign. All Facebook fan pages had custom welcome applications that consumers had to “like” to get access to the coupon, which was also hosted on the sweepstakes microsite. After participants provided their information to download the coupon, they had to redeem it at the store.

A loyalty special was launched on Foursquare, which required the consumer to go to the store to unlock the special. Yelp, Urbanspoon and Google Places’ role was to reinforce the connection between stores and consumers as well as provide accurate information and eyecatching food photos.

The traditional marketing mediums encouraged consumers to visit the microsite to enter a contest by entering specific information about themselves as well as “liking” their local fan page and tweeting out a custom message that led their followers back to the website. Awareness products were set up at each location to remind walk-up customers that they can connect with their favorite store online and use Foursquare to unlock a special instantly.



An exceptional effective social media presence and community was created for all 48 Domino’s Pizza locations. Their social media presence was extended beyond Facebook and Twitter to Yelp, Foursqaure, Urbanspoon and Google Places. A 360 social media growth was created using a build, engage and grow methodology.


Our strategy helped to bridge the gap between online and offline mediums to not only run successful campaigns but to continue engaging consumers in multiple ways. This helped retained loyal consumers, increase responsive local supporters, and improved the growth of the locations.

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BWM is an Innovation Agency committed to empowering people through Social Impact. We develop unique projects that provide creative solutions to Social Problems. Each project offers exciting Campaigns that empower people.

Our campaigns empower people and brands. We integrate brands into our campaigns that aligns with people core values and desires…resulting in stronger meaningful relationships between people and brands.

Enhancing traditional marketing through
Social Impact Marketing.

We have worked with top leading brands, celebrities, influencers, industry experts and more to empower people through Social Impact across the country.

We are enhancing how brands improve people lifestyle in various ways and look forward to collaborating with more brands, services, and organizations as we continue to redefine traditional business.

Digital Marketing

CREAM Franchise

CREAM, which stands for ‘Cookies Rule Everything Around Me’, serves handcrafted & warm ice cream sandwiches and many more creations using super-premium, proprietary flavored ice cream.

We promoted the release of a new experience for customers with the launch of their new menu concept – The Whole Shabang during their 1 year anniversary celebration. We incorporated a multi-touch point social and paid media strategy to drive awareness and event attendees the day of the event.

We used a combination of local ads, sponsored posts, contests, event ads, google banner ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat Geofilter and a strategic influencer campaign to drive mass awareness and foot traffic to the grand opening.

Influencer Campaign

In addition to the other social media marketing efforts, we launched an influencer campaign that offered specific influencers incentives according to how much of an impact we believed they would have when promoting the 1 year anniversary.

In return, the influencers posted strategic photos/selfies on their own Instagram account to increase engagement and event awareness.

Key Results:

People Reached: 277,233
Campaign Engagement: 5,820

Influencer Campaign Reach: 22,533 people
Influencer Campaign Engagement: 585 people

Event Day : 900+ People Attended

Digital Marketing

PJ’s Coffee

We uses social media to increase brand awareness and event attendees to people living, working or attending school within 10 miles of the location.


  • To drive new targeted consumers to attend the grand opening event.
  • Build local brand awareness prior, during and after the grand opening.


We incorporated a multi-touch point using a social and paid media strategy to drive awareness and event attendees the day of the event.

We used a combination of local Facebook ads, Facebook sponsored posts, contests, event ads, Instagram ads, and a Snapchat Geofilter to drive mass awareness and foot traffic to the grand opening.

Key Results:

Grand Opening Day: 450+ Attended

People Reached via Facebook posts: 36,833+

People Reached via local ads: 16,908

People Reached via event page: 24,600

Event Responses: 698

Post Engagement: 6,725

Ad Recall (Estimated customer gained from campaign):
We estimate over 5,590 people will remember seeing this coffee shop if asked after the Grand Opening.


Our strategy used Social and Paid Media to Drive 450 New Customers To a Coffee Shop Franchise Grand Opening

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