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Social Impact Marketing

IN.VISION + Microsoft featuring Monique Idlett-Mosley

The IN.VISION youth empowerment campaigns are designed to help young people learn how to turn their skills into a career. The campaign connects prominent successful entrepreneurs with selected youth to work on projects together. We incorporated Microsoft as a supportive partner in a workshop by supplying computers as well as Microsoft experts onsite offering guidance on the latest software tools for the workshop exercises.

Engagement Strategy:

The workshop featured Monique Idlett‐Mosley, successful venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur of the Bravo’s TV Show “Undercover Billionaire”. She offered direct coaching and guided the youth through a competitive process to develop their business ideas and present and pitch them to a panel. Working along with Microsoft, Monique and other mentors help youth to learn the process of teamwork, branding, marketing, presentation, etc. while leveraging their strongest skill-sets.

Key Impact Results:

Additionally, the outcome resulted in several of the youth working a few companies and accelerators to successfully launch their business ideas. Incorporating Microsoft into this campaign help humanized the brand to locals and further strengthen support the brand and the relevancy of its latest software and tools as a solution to reaching your set goals.

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BWM is an Innovation Agency committed to empowering people through Social Impact. We develop unique projects that provide creative solutions to Social Problems. Each project offers exciting Campaigns that empower people.

Our campaigns empower people and brands. We integrate brands into our campaigns that aligns with people core values and desires…resulting in stronger meaningful relationships between people and brands.

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Social Impact Marketing.

We have worked with top leading brands, celebrities, influencers, industry experts and more to empower people through Social Impact across the country.

We are enhancing how brands improve people lifestyle in various ways and look forward to collaborating with more brands, services, and organizations as we continue to redefine traditional business.

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