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EFFY Jewelry featuring Sol Ballard

As a leading jewelry brand Effy Jewelry wanted to increase their online marketing engagement and begin reaching a younger demographic. We strategized a solution to create a series of videos with local expert and personality Sol Ballard (Transformational Coach, Producer, Host of a docuseries) who represent Effy’s new target audience.

The videos featured a day in a life of Sol and her actual selection and use of the jewelry on set of her production interview. Additionally, specific videos were created of her sharing her real reactions and why she selected and liked the specific jewelry pieces which showcased authenticity.

The final content included several videos, photos, behind the scenes content, as well as stories shared in real time. The content helped increased Effy’s engagement and build an audience with a new demographic which continues to drive sales today.

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BWM is an Innovation Agency committed to empowering people through Social Impact. We develop unique projects that provide creative solutions to Social Problems. Each project offers exciting Campaigns that empower people.

Our campaigns empower people and brands. We integrate brands into our campaigns that aligns with people core values and desires…resulting in stronger meaningful relationships between people and brands.

Enhancing traditional marketing through
Social Impact Marketing.

We have worked with top leading brands, celebrities, influencers, industry experts and more to empower people through Social Impact across the country.

We are enhancing how brands improve people lifestyle in various ways and look forward to collaborating with more brands, services, and organizations as we continue to redefine traditional business.

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