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About Us

We Develop Meaningful Connections Between People and Brands

We’re Taking Marketing To Another Level

We Create Projects That Empower People…and Brands!

We Position Brands As Lifestyle Brands… Making Them Unforgettable To Others!

Accelerated Learning

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As a team we Excited To Work With Others Who Are focused, passionate, and creative

who we are


BWM is an Innovation Agency committed to empowering people through Social Impact. We develop unique projects that provide creative solutions to Social Problems. Each project offers exciting Campaigns that empower people.

Our campaigns empower people and brands. We integrate brands into our campaigns that aligns with people core values and desires…resulting in stronger meaningful relationships between people and brands.

Enhancing traditional marketing through
Social Impact Marketing.

We have worked with top leading brands, celebrities, influencers, industry experts and more to empower people through Social Impact across the country.

We are enhancing how brands improve people lifestyle in various ways and look forward to collaborating with more brands, services, and organizations as we continue to redefine traditional business.

Our Goal Is To Bring More Value To Our Interns!

Our internship program offers creative flexibility to help you learn exactly what you want and need to learn in your field. Learn exactly by doing…we connect our interns with experts on real projects to enhance their skills and teach them how to expand their skills through our creative projects.

Internship Benefits:

  • Learn Directly With Experts

  • Learn The Specific Skills You Want To Learn
  • Build Experience On Real Projects
  • Build A Powerful Portfolio

Our Process

Training and Acceleration:


We offer a variety of services that help interns lean fast and reach their goals quicker…

Direct Learning:


Interns work directly with experts on selected projects. We fast track interns to learn quickly and accelerate their learning experience on creative projects.


The duration of our interns is set to no time limit. Interns can remain beyond the evaluation period and remain with the BWM team which can lead into a position with the company.



We conduct evaluations every 3 months to ensure interns are learning, executing, and improving. Our evaluation process is designed to help interns maximize their growth and experiences.


Internship Departments:

We are currently seeking interns for the following departments and positions below…


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Journalism (Copy Writing)

Digital Design:

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustrations
  • Motion Graphics


  • Videographers

  • Sound Designs
  • Photography

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